meanness / ˈmin nɪs /


meanness 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. the state or quality of being mean.
  2. a mean act: to answer meannesses with forgiveness.

meanness 近义词

n. 名词 noun

the quality of being mean

n. 名词 noun

a mean action


  1. The wife who tipped you off did sort-of the right thing in getting upset and calling the meanness to your attention.
  2. Rather than feel guilt, people who have hurt us typically start to hate us - for reminding them of their own meanness.
  3. The whole gag stinks of meanness—to Holly, to Kevin, to the mentally disabled community.
  4. It is “suspended from the nastiness of life and the meanness of the dead.”
  5. Rich and poor despise each other, and all justify their meanness in the most appallingly self-serving ways imaginable.
  6. His meanness toward religious people was unbearably callous and smug.
  7. Greater mischiefs happen often from folly, meanness, and vanity than from the greater sins of avarice and ambition.
  8. Woman-like, she could advise and help to the end, but the meanness of the means revolted.
  9. It was thrown by a very dirty lamp, and disclosed a small court of unutterable meanness and inconceivable smells.
  10. There won't be a day, inside or out of it, that I won't run up against every damnable meanness that human nature is capable of.
  11. The truth is that their pride had, as extravagant pride often has, a close affinity with meanness.