donjon / ˈdʌn dʒən, ˈdɒn- /


donjon 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. the inner tower, keep, or stronghold of a castle.

donjon 近义词


等同于 castle


  1. They mounted through darkened chambers, up dizzy ladders, to the summit of the donjon.
  2. The moment the watchman, posted on the platform of the donjon, espied from afar a troop of travelers, he sounded his horn.
  3. The bishop emitted lamentable cries and essayed to resist the men who were dragging him into the donjon.
  4. Neroweg, silent as before, looked from time to time towards the donjon as if awaiting the return of the bailiff.
  5. The bailiff nodded affirmatively, crossed the drawbridge and entered the donjon.