fortification / ˌfɔr tə fɪˈkeɪ ʃən /


fortification 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. the act of fortifying or strengthening.
  2. something that fortifies or protects.
  3. the art or science of constructing defensive military works.
  4. Often fortifications. military works constructed for the purpose of strengthening a position; a fort: Supposedly impregnable, the fortifications were quickly overrun.
  5. a strengthening or improvement, as by addition of or intensification with another ingredient: the fortification of milk with vitamin D; the fortification of wine with alcohol.

fortification 近义词

n. 名词 noun

reinforced position


  1. It is an imposing fortification of several buildings, with three pods inside each of them.
  2. The department did not have enough of its own officers and fortifications — or a backup plan in place — to keep the rioters out of the building.
  3. Iron fortification, it’s estimated, would generate almost $9 for each dollar spent—not as dramatic as iodization, but still a substantial impact.
  4. The first unambiguous evidence of fortification walls dates from around 4300 BC in what is now Turkey.
  5. In the cemetery fronting the chapel, the surrounding fortification offers temporary and economical burial vaults.
  6. It's doubtful there would have been enough fortification and firepower under any circumstances.
  7. In July this year, a government inspection warned of “failure of fortification work” and fined the company.
  8. I sent an order and what was necessary for the fortification at Oton, and had that port put in a state of defense.
  9. They burnt 12 houses and barns without the fortification, and drove away the cattle and sheep.
  10. And he ordered workmen to build the walls, and mount Sion round about with square stones for fortification: and so they did.
  11. The moats, on the left bank of the river, were dug at the foot of the walls forming the old circle of fortification.
  12. It had a fortification such as became usual in later bridges for defence or for the enforcement of tolls.