stronghold / ˈstrɔŋˌhoʊld, ˈstrɒŋ- /


stronghold 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. a well-fortified place; fortress.
  2. a place that serves as the center of a group, as of militants or of persons holding a controversial viewpoint: The campus was a stronghold of liberalism.

stronghold 近义词

n. 名词 noun



  1. They had table after table of phone lines, and computers were really getting a stronghold, and they had reporters from all over the world.
  2. You don’t have to look very hard to see that the high-desert city of Albuquerque is an adventure stronghold.
  3. In the midst of all this inclusion, however, the LGBTQ community – traditionally a stronghold for some of Oscar’s most ardent fans – has this year been largely left empty-handed, once again.
  4. In Montana and Pennsylvania, the party is trying to end statewide judicial elections — a way to prevent liberal strongholds from dominating the vote.
  5. Conservative Democrats locked down the South, the blue-collar wing performed well in the Upper Midwest, and liberals helped hold coastal strongholds.
  6. “People really did think it was a political stronghold,” Sismondo says.
  7. A Shiite stronghold wrapped in a Sunni explosive belt—not exactly a picture of stability.
  8. Two years ago, lawmakers in this staunch pro-labor stronghold passed anti-union right-to-work laws.
  9. On August 21, rockets struck in the east and west of the Damascus suburb of Ghouta, at the time a rebel stronghold.
  10. In Diyarbakır, a PKK stronghold, protestors defied orders to remain indoors.
  11. During the whole day there was an incessant fusillade, the rebelsʼ chief stronghold being the Recoleto Convent.
  12. In its best days it combined a military stronghold with the conveniences and artistic effects of a palace.
  13. Then with myself and a dozen of his best warriors, he turned his face again toward the Jivro stronghold.
  14. He had the proud feeling of a victorious general who demands the last stronghold to surrender.
  15. This royal stronghold served as a prison or dungeon, according to popular tradition.