mansion / ˈmæn ʃən /


mansion 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. a very large, impressive, or stately residence.
  2. manor house.
  3. Often mansions. British. a large building with many apartments; apartment house.
  4. Oriental and Medieval Astronomy. each of 28 divisions of the ecliptic occupied by the moon on successive days.
  5. Archaic. an abode or dwelling place.

mansion 近义词

n. 名词 noun

very large house


  1. If Faulconer rides a recall to the governor’s mansion, it will put an appropriate bow on his political career to date.
  2. She’s a hair braider stuck in a doomed marriage, which is made all the worse when her husband Adan’s burglary of a nearby beach mansion does not go as planned.
  3. On the southern coast, there are barriers along Kahala Beach, where the shore has increasingly disappeared amid sprawling mansions.
  4. The crisis runs rampant in cities and towns, on farms and in mansions, far away and next door.
  5. Gilman died before construction was complete and the mansion changed hands several times until it was gifted to the Baltimore Parks and Recreation Department.
  6. Expect the couple to find another mansion in a safe Democratic district where an aging representative is expected to retire.
  7. Goodman retreated to house arrest at his luxury mansion on $4 million bail.
  8. We ended up in one room in her mansion and never furnished it.
  9. The ex-chef, accused by Maureen McDonnell of “embezzling” food from the mansion, went to the FBI, triggering its investigation.
  10. Bogie and Bacall purchased a $160,000 mansion in Holmby Hills, a posh enclave in Los Angeles, and played house.
  11. Within were the park and the deer, and the mansion rearing its brilliant columns amidst the redundant groves of a Spanish autumn.
  12. It was a splendid mansion, with its countless rooms and gorgeous appointments.
  13. He went home from the planter's mansion very happy, for now he should have an errand there every day during the next few weeks.
  14. Americans burnt the mansion house on Noddles island, and carried off the cattle.
  15. It was a great event, and Jane was dressed with the utmost care to visit the aristocratic mansion.