office / ˈɔ fɪs, ˈɒf ɪs /


office 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. a room, set of rooms, or building where the business of a commercial or industrial organization or of a professional person is conducted: the main office of an insurance company; a doctor's office.
  2. a room assigned to a specific person or a group of persons in a commercial or industrial organization: Her office is next to mine.
  3. a business or professional organization: He went to work in an architect's office.
  4. the staff or designated part of a staff at a commercial or industrial organization:The whole office was at his wedding.
  5. a position of duty, trust, or authority, especially in the government, a corporation, a society, or the like: She was elected twice to the office of president.
  6. employment or position as an official: to seek office.
  7. the duty, function, or part of a particular person or agency: to act in the office of adviser.
  8. an operating agency or division of certain departments of the U.S. Government: Office of Community Services.
  9. British. a major administrative unit or department of the national government: the Foreign Office.
  10. Slang. hint, signal, or warning; high sign.
  11. Often offices. something, whether good or bad, done or said for or to another: He obtained a position through the offices of a friend.
  12. Ecclesiastical. the prescribed order or form for a service of the church or for devotional use.the services so prescribed.Also called divine office. the prayers, readings from Scripture, and psalms that must be recited every day by all who are in major orders.a ceremony or rite, especially for the dead.
  13. a service or task to be performed; assignment; chore: little domestic offices.
  14. offices, Chiefly British. the parts of a house, as the kitchen, pantry, or laundry, devoted mainly to household work.the stables, barns, cowhouses, etc., of a farm.
  15. Older Slang. privy.

office 近义词

n. 名词 noun

business, responsibility

n. 名词 noun

place of business


  1. By 2030, Google plans to precisely match every electron of electricity flowing into its offices and data centers with one produced from a renewable source.
  2. If your state offers the option to drop your ballot in a dropbox at the election office, do it.
  3. Signatures change over time, so if you’re concerned the one on file could be out of date, ask your local election office how to update it.
  4. I have an incredible amount of respect for both the speaker and the office she holds.
  5. They have not won the state's sole seat in the House of Representatives since 2008, they have not won a Senate election since 1994, and they have been locked out of the governor's office since 1988.
  6. How do you feel about Archer and the gang abandoning the cartel and returning to the office?
  7. Two witnesses outside the Charlie Hebdo office building quoted the Kouachi brothers claiming they were members of al Qaeda.
  8. Who among Scalise's constituents could possibly care if he supported naming a post office for a black judge who died in 1988?
  9. Granted, James is in an office in the Pentagon, and not on the front lines.
  10. In contrast, Boehner's leadership team filed into his ceremonial office and greeted the teary newly-elected Speaker with hugs.
  11. It was with a feeling of relief on both sides that the arrival of Mr. Haggard, of the Home Office, was announced.
  12. On a small scale map, in an office, you may make mole-hills of mountains; on the ground there's no escaping from its features.
  13. The next morning he came rushing into the office, in a violent state of excitement.
  14. They ran side by side across the yard to a roofed flight of steps that led to the printing-office.
  15. On the third day after the declaration of his recall, Ripperda took his official leave, and presented his son in his new office.