alcazar / ˈæl kəˌzɑr, ælˈkæz ər; Spanish ɑlˈkɑ θɑr /


alcazar 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. the palace of the Moorish kings in Seville, Spain: later used by Spanish kings.
  2. alcazar, a castle or fortress of the Spanish Moors.

alcazar 近义词


等同于 palace


等同于 castle


  1. On his departure from the Alcazar, the warden thought it prudent to send a person to observe his movements.
  2. Peter's memories of that strange day in the Alcazar at Seville always remained somewhat dim and blurred.
  3. He also galloped off to the palace, or alcazar, and was not seen to return; but next day the White Cat was still more sorrowful.
  4. At the end of the third day he had walked so quickly that he stood before the secret entrance to the alcazar of Al Rachid.
  5. I have already mentioned the great Alcazar, and the old town walls and gateways.