barrens / (ˈbærənz) /


barrens 的定义

n. 名词(复数) noun
  1. a stretch of usually level land that is sparsely vegetated or barren

barrens 近义词


等同于 waste


等同于 wilderness/wilds


等同于 wilderness


等同于 badlands


等同于 desert


  1. My three favorite episodes are probably “College,” “Pine Barrens,” and “Amour Fou.”
  2. He was nominated for an Emmy for directing the 2001 episode “Pine Barrens,” which Winters wrote.
  3. Everywhere the small man has been forced to retire into forests, deserts, and icy barrens before the taller and stronger man.
  4. Unproductive wastes, sandy barrens, and useless underbrush now greet the eye.
  5. We see him emerging upon the Kentucky barrens which were covered with vegetation and open for the sweep of the eye.
  6. It is supposed that the pine barrens towards Texas, if explored, would add to the number.
  7. From this appearance it was inferred that the soil was of inferior quality, and these tracts were denominated "barrens."