jungle / ˈdʒʌŋ gəl /


jungle 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. a wild land overgrown with dense vegetation, often nearly impenetrable, especially tropical vegetation or a tropical rainforest.
  2. a tract of such land.
  3. a wilderness of dense overgrowth; a piece of swampy, thickset forestland.
  4. any confused mass or agglomeration of objects; jumble: a jungle of wrecked automobiles.
  5. something that baffles or perplexes; maze: a jungle of legal double-talk.
  6. a scene of violence and struggle for survival: The neglected prison was a jungle for its inmates.
  7. a place or situation of ruthless competition: the advertising jungle.
  8. Slang. a homeless or hobo camp: Law enforcement clears the jungle and tears down the temporary structures a few times each year, but people return and a new encampment always springs up.

jungle 近义词

n. 名词 noun

wilderness full of plant and animal life


  1. Beth Doglio in Washington State and Georgette Gomez in California are running against fellow Democrats after the jungle primaries in their states.
  2. From the savannas of Kenya to the jungles of Borneo, this app reimagines natural-history storytelling and conservation filmmaking by bringing them into your living room — or whatever room you choose.
  3. I continued to see him when he entered sixth grade, and on days when I picked him up he was typically tearing around the jungle gym with friends, with an unself-consciousness that, together with his slight frame, made him seem younger than 12.
  4. The journey begins in the Amazon inside the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, a 2,330-square-mile swath of primordial jungle teeming with ten monkey species, tapirs, and pink dolphins.
  5. The sun’s wispy upper atmosphere, called the corona, is an ever-changing jungle of sizzling plasma.
  6. But so-called jungle primaries are notoriously hard to predict or poll.
  7. The legal jungle must be bulldozed, and replaced by radically simpler framework of goals and principles.
  8. It all began, the consensus seems to be, with the red jungle fowl.
  9. Over the past week, Sony Pictures Entertainment has received more body blows than Muhammad Ali during the Rumble in the Jungle.
  10. Now, visitors are scarce and the jungle is taking over, leaving some locals nostalgic.
  11. It took me back to Burma and a certain very uncomfortable night that I once passed in the jungle.
  12. To elucidate this it is necessary to plunge into the jungle of pure economic theory.
  13. Bridges had been broken down, and the guns had to be hauled through jungle and woods under a scorching sun.
  14. The road was a bullock track, a swamp of mud amid the larger swamp of the ploughed land and jungle.
  15. I was indebted to the kindness of the Messrs. Behu and Meyer for a very interesting excursion into the jungle.