web / wɛb /


web3 个定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. something formed by or as if by weaving or interweaving.
  2. a thin, silken material spun by spiders and the larvae of some insects, as the webworms and tent caterpillars; cobweb.
  3. Textiles. a woven fabric, especially a whole piece of cloth in the course of being woven or after it comes from the loom.the flat woven strip, without pile, often found at one or both ends of an Oriental rug.
v. 有主动词 verb

webbed, web·bing.

  1. to cover with or as if with a web; envelop.
  2. to ensnare or entrap.
v. 无主动词 verb

webbed, web·bing.

  1. to make or form a web.

web 近义词

n. 名词 noun



  1. Nothing specific is changing today with Google Search, but think about these changes in the long term and keep improving your web site.
  2. To collect its facts, Diffbot’s AI reads the web as a human would—but much faster.
  3. Neither Google Analytics nor Facebook Connect are essential to run these web pages and are services that could have been replaced or at least deactivated by now.
  4. The room is a two-dimensional, pixelated drawing displayed in a web browser.
  5. A site on the dark web associated with the NetWalker ransomware group posted screenshots of internal network files and directories believed to be associated with Cygilant.
  6. He was referring to web censorship behind the Great Firewall.
  7. With its vast web of resources and services, including its support groups, the Center has often helped save these people lives.
  8. How has your experience been shaped by digital encounters and the social web?
  9. The caller mentioned my work, which focused primarily on consumer products, mobile apps, emerging start-ups, and web trends.
  10. That leads us to wonder why galaxies and their black holes somehow “know” where they are in the cosmic web.
  11. It was no wonder that he felt quite at home in the duck-pond, which was made for web-footed folk.
  12. "It is n't distressingly calm now," said the extra-strong frames—they were called web-frames—in the engine-room.
  13. The touch of the soft fabric reassured him: it was as soft as though woven of spider's web, and strong as fibres of steel.
  14. These threads in the web of industry, which had shone that day for the first time, were the lives of two little children.
  15. At first girders had solid or plate webs, but for spans over 100 ft. the web always now consists of bracing bars.