organization / ˌɔr gə nəˈzeɪ ʃən /


organization2 个定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. the act or process of organizing.
  2. the state or manner of being organized.
  3. something that is organized.
adj. 形容词 adjective
  1. of or relating to an organization.
  2. Informal. conforming entirely to the standards, rules, or demands of an organization, especially that of one's employer: an organization mentality.

organization 近义词

n. 名词 noun

arrangement, arranging

n. 名词 noun

group bound by interest/work/ goal


  1. These are six of the most high-impact, cost-effective, evidence-based organizations.
  2. Many organizations are now working to restore coastal wetlands.
  3. It was joined by 50 news organizations, including The Washington Post.
  4. Last month the American Alpine Club announced that Mitsu Iwasaki would be the organization’s new CEO.
  5. However, many international organizations seem not to be trying very hard to solicit participation from these people.
  6. Thus, more time is spent organization and obtaining ones free of failings.
  7. In October, he traveled to Denver with Fry to support his work with LGBT rights organization The Matthew Sheppard Foundation.
  8. Again, the reasoning sounds, well, reasonable, and is sourced to a respectable organization, the Samaritans.
  9. is one project of a much larger organization,—and here is where things get really interesting.
  10. Common sense is not a just a normative judgment about wisdom, but a structural feature of any functioning organization.
  11. The reformers of the earlier period were not indifferent to the need for centralized organization in the banking system.
  12. And now I am going on to a review of the broad facts of the educational organization of our present world.
  13. I have tried to show that, given organization, given the will for it, such a world-wide education is possible.
  14. But the strange mystery, the secret that lies concealed within its organization, is realized by but few.
  15. It is a great thing for the musical education of the country to have such an organization travelling every winter.