combination / ˌkɒm bəˈneɪ ʃən /


combination 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. the act of combining or the state of being combined.
  2. a number of things combined: a combination of ideas.
  3. something formed by combining: A chord is a combination of notes.
  4. an alliance of persons or parties: a combination in restraint of trade.
  5. the set or series of numbers or letters used in setting the mechanism of a combination lock.
  6. the parts of the mechanism operated by this.
  7. Often combinations. a suit of underwear in one piece.
  8. Mathematics. the arrangement of elements into various groups without regard to their order in the group.a group thus formed.Compare permutation.

combination 近义词

n. 名词 noun

mixture, blend

n. 名词 noun

alliance, association


  1. The waxing and waning of the infections every year is a combination of the potential for transmission at different times combined with how many susceptible people there are in the population.
  2. “All pain experiences are a combination of physical and emotional responses,” Robertson says.
  3. “The combination of these problems doomed the Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines flights,” the report said.
  4. A particular combination of atoms will always react with other chemicals in the same way.
  5. To create a more visually engaging setting for Disrupt’s programming, TechCrunch created a 3D rendering of the Moscone Center using a combination of green screens, real sets and video call-ins from guests.
  6. He uses some combination of the words comfort or discomfort in regards to how he feels about situations over 30 times.
  7. While the look worked for some, the combination of heat and chemicals took a toll on the hair of others.
  8. But if he heard this combination of Greek and Cuban music, he would be forced to reconsider.
  9. Late Thursday night, the House passed the combination continuing resolution/omnibus spending bill by a vote of 219-206.
  10. “African-American males have some of the worst health data out of any sort of gender-race combination in our country,” he said.
  11. Father, mother, sister, and brother all played and worked together with rare combination of sympathetic gifts.
  12. The other was the spirited portrait of Baron von Friedericks, a happy combination of cavalier and soldier in its manly strength.
  13. In the lungs hemoglobin forms a loose combination with oxygen, which it readily gives up when it reaches the tissues.
  14. Before Ulm he nearly ruined Napoleon's combination by failing to get in contact with the enemy.
  15. About midnight the combination of sultry heat and banked clouds produced the usual results.