detachment / dɪˈtætʃ mənt /


detachment 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. the act of detaching.
  2. the condition of being detached.
  3. aloofness, as from worldly affairs or from the concerns of others.
  4. freedom from prejudice or partiality.
  5. the act of sending out a detached force of troops or naval ships.
  6. the body of troops or ships so detached.

detachment 近义词

n. 名词 noun


n. 名词 noun


n. 名词 noun

military troop


  1. There’s little research on the best ways to use digital media during a pandemic and unprecedented levels of social detachment, but in my experience with coaching individuals virtually, the more present you can be for the conversation, the better.
  2. There is a peace about Aaron Rodgers now, a feeling different from his normal vibe of cool detachment.
  3. You need psychological detachment from the source of the stress.
  4. My complete acknowledgment of the loss almost 20 years later helps me understand my detachment from society and people at times.
  5. At first, Glenda found Varahn to be reserved, but she soon realized that what she had mistaken for detachment was simply Varahn’s way of taking in her new surroundings.
  6. The pontiff blasts the selfishness, arrogance and detachment of the cardinals in Rome.
  7. A detachment of six volunteers, led by Lt. Alexandre Rosenberg, planned to stop the train at Aulnay, in the suburbs of Paris.
  8. No because I want to preserve as much as possible my detachment and impartiality.
  9. But this detachment gives the biography a dutiful, going-through-the-motions tone.
  10. That sense of detachment from the caprices of Mother Nature is pretty unique in human history.
  11. Bidding a young bank manager take charge of the detachment, Frank led the newcomer rapidly to headquarters.
  12. In each case the tiny detachment discovered blackened walls and unburied corpses.
  13. A double detachment of soldiers was already there, with orders to support him in case of resistance.
  14. Presently tea was brought, but even then she preserved, smiling, her soft but complete detachment.
  15. Some armed vessels were, however, speedily despatched from Rio, and a detachment of militia from St. Paul's.