shambles / (ˈʃæmbəlz) /


shambles 的定义

n. 名词 noun

  1. a place of great disorderthe room was a shambles after the party
  2. a place where animals are brought to be slaughtered
  3. any place of slaughter or carnage
  4. British dialect a row of covered stalls or shops where goods, originally meat, are sold

shambles 近义词

n. 名词 noun

a mess


  1. And as a guarantee of a Third World economy in shambles, Scotland is oil-rich.
  2. The unity government that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas established with Hamas is now in shambles.
  3. But even the most ardent supporters of negotiations with the Taliban recognize that the so-called peace process is in shambles.
  4. Brilliant as he is in the courtroom, his self-destructive personality leaves his personal life in shambles.
  5. The fatherland is a shambles, Bolivarian socialism has failed, and Comandante Chávez is dead.
  6. He would spare her the sight that must before many moments be spread to view within that shambles.
  7. But to act, I have come, madame, to liberate from this shambles the gentle lamb you hold here prisoned.
  8. One might as well talk to driven cattle in the shambles about their ‘sacred mission’ as to women.
  9. They reminded him of the beeves in the shambles of the elder Varro.
  10. Thus the innocent foreign-born readers are led like sheep to the shambles, and Privilege gains another intrenching-tool.