anarchy / ˈæn ər ki /


anarchy 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. a state of society without government or law.
  2. political and social disorder due to the absence of governmental control: The death of the king was followed by a year of anarchy.
  3. anarchism.
  4. lack of obedience to an authority; insubordination: the anarchy of his rebellious teenage years.
  5. confusion and disorder: Intellectual and moral anarchy followed his loss of faith.It was impossible to find the book I was looking for in the anarchy of his bookshelves.

anarchy 近义词

n. 名词 noun

lawlessness; absence of government


  1. Evangelicals have long believed that the current age would climax with horrific plagues, social anarchy, rampant sexual immorality and military conflicts.
  2. The destruction of the republic by armed violence was justified by the claim that it was illegitimate, based on electoral falsification, and that its political leaders were thieving parasites who had brought only anarchy and crime.
  3. It’s anarchy, this enhanced freedom players now have to change their minds.
  4. In periods of anarchy — when a queen dies and is not yet replaced — dialects started to dissolve, becoming much more variable, the researchers found.
  5. Celebrated as the “East Side Joan of Arc” and condemned as the “she-dog of anarchy,” Gurley burns through these pages like an avenging angel.
  6. Letting humans use their common sense is not an invitation to anarchy.
  7. I had the opportunity to appear on the popular Sons of Anarchy series in their final season.
  8. There are quite enough sons of anarchy in Syria and Iraq already.
  9. And this is the prevailing attitude that white St. Louis fears the most: an all out riot, anarchy, lawlessness, disorder.
  10. The notion of anarchy so appalled the conservative Reagan, he came out against Briggs, and it was defeated.
  11. They were sure that the white troops in Meerut would soon arrive and put an end to the prevalent anarchy.
  12. A remnant of the long parliament assembled during the anarchy, and has been termed the rump.
  13. Mr. Hutchinson was doubtless temperamentally less inclined to fear tyranny than anarchy.
  14. Such a course would tend only to bloody and interminable anarchy.
  15. The Republic had proved an utter failure, and France was but a tempest-tossed ocean of anarchy.