maintained / meɪnˈteɪn /


maintained 的定义

v. 有主动词 verb
  1. to keep in existence or continuance; preserve; retain: to maintain good relations with neighboring countries.
  2. to keep in an appropriate condition, operation, or force; keep unimpaired: to maintain order; to maintain public highways.
  3. to keep in a specified state, position, etc.: to maintain a correct posture; to maintain good health.
  4. to affirm; assert; declare: He maintained that the country was going downhill.
  5. to support in speech or argument, as a statement or proposition.
  6. to keep or hold against attack: to maintain one's ground.
  7. to provide for the upkeep or support of; carry the expenses of: to maintain a family.
  8. to sustain or support: not enough water to maintain life.

maintained 近义词

v. 动词 verb

care for, keep up

v. 动词 verb

assert, claim; argue for


  1. As Darcy points out, the strategy Fox has always used to maintain the loyalty of its viewers — telling them that every other news source is fatally infected with liberal bias — is now being deployed by those minor-league outlets against Fox itself.
  2. Based on contact tracing and genomic sequencing, league officials maintain they have seen no evidence of on-field transmission of the virus during games.
  3. Several states maintain school-level data dashboards that provide information on infections among students and staff who attend in-person school.
  4. He said that “there is leadership in place” and that the facility meets department guidelines of maintaining an 8-to-1 ratio for staff and youths.
  5. People should maintain six feet of distance at all times from people from other households.
  6. But the proud stone lion that once stood atop the tomb, as Peristeri has often maintained, suggests a male occupant and a warrior.
  7. He has been summoned from the command post the NYPD has maintained for a decade just up the street.
  8. He does not seem to have anticipated that she could have maintained such remarkable presence of mind.
  9. “A nation of homeowners, of people who own a real share in their land, is unconquerable,” he maintained.
  10. Despite any partisan enmities, the two top politicos maintained a cordial relationship.
  11. El Imparcial maintained that he was worthy of being honoured as a 19th century conquering hero.
  12. The battle was for a long time maintained by both armies with obstinate energy.
  13. With that sum, twice as much infantry could be maintained as that which your Majesty has here.
  14. This was when Don Joan Ronquillo, with that great fleet, went out and fought the one that the enemy maintained along these coasts.
  15. The latter maintained their ground, but no important advantage was gained by either party.