vacated / ˈveɪ keɪt or, especially British, vəˈkeɪt, veɪ- /


vacated2 个定义

v. 有主动词 verb

va·cat·ed, va·cat·ing.

  1. to give up possession or occupancy of: to vacate an apartment.
  2. to give up or relinquish: to vacate the presidency of a firm.
  3. to render inoperative; deprive of validity; void; annul: to vacate a legal judgment.
  4. to cause to be empty or unoccupied; make vacant: to vacate one's mind of worries.
v. 无主动词 verb

va·cat·ed, va·cat·ing.

  1. to withdraw from occupancy; surrender possession: We will have to vacate when our lease expires.
  2. to give up or leave a position, office, etc.
  3. to leave; go away.

vacated 近义词

v. 动词 verb

leave empty


  1. Some of the centers have been confirmed to be vacated, though some overseas Uighurs have said relatives remain detained or missing.
  2. When Cruz’s lawyers learned of the judge’s illness nearly a year later, they filed papers to have her decision vacated, arguing it was clear she had been impaired.
  3. More than a dozen officers have been charged and convicted in federal court, and hundreds of criminal cases brought by the officers have been dropped or vacated.
  4. He won the 78th District seat vacated by Assemblyman Todd Gloria, who was elected mayor.
  5. After vacating her House seat in Southern California, it flipped back to red in a special election and was up for grabs again last week, when Democrat Christy Smith challenged the Republican incumbent Mike Garcia.
  6. A few days later, a studio functionary called to say the offices were to be vacated.
  7. The government lost; a federal judge vacated the rule in 2009.
  8. The second district is an open seat, vacated by Republican Shelley Moore Capito to run for Senate.
  9. The soon-vacated site was then overrun by Taliban forces, who had to be driven out roughly a month later by the Afghan army.
  10. Enter the beautifully vacated house … and inhabit its luxurious interiors.
  11. That within the hour all your people—to the last scullion—shall have laid down their arms and vacated Condillac.
  12. Mrs. Towne seated herself in the chair that Dr. Towne had vacated, arranged her dress and folded her hands in her lap.
  13. If such an individual is elected to either house of the General Assembly, his former office must be vacated.
  14. Ten bishoprics were to be abolished, and the vacated sees were to be annexed to those preserved.
  15. A few days afterwards she had vacated the Rectory, and her furniture was packed into vans to be carried away.