reorient / riˈɔr iˌɛnt, -ˈoʊr- /


reorient2 个定义

v. 无主动词 verb
  1. to orient again or anew.
adj. 形容词 adjective
  1. Rare. rising anew.

reorient 近义词


等同于 reconstruct


等同于 transplant


等同于 reorganize

reorient 的近义词 4


  1. About a decade later, the telecom agency under Democrats tried to reorient the program.
  2. Kate KayePublishers join the streaming warsAfter pivoting to video on Facebook and then YouTube, publishers are reorienting once again.
  3. In his resignation letter, Pack wrote he was “solely focused upon reorienting the agency toward its missions.”
  4. Instead of reorienting its entire organization around streaming, in October 2020, ViacomCBS formed a new global streaming division and appointed Pluto TV CEO Tom Ryan to oversee that part of the organization.
  5. TikTok users, of course, aren’t the only ones designing, creating and editing productions through remote and collaborative processes in 2020 — Hollywood itself has had to reorient itself for remote work at a much larger scale.
  6. They cannot easily reorient those commitments now: Perry may be a dead duck, but he refuses to acknowledge it.
  7. VIRGO Expect to be flooded by memories, intended to reorient you to earliest hopes and wishes.
  8. A couple of the blips were over the ocean way south of England and they were trying to contact them by radio to reorient them.
  9. That would save him much alarm and perplexity when it comes time to reorient himself.
  10. It is slightly harder to reorient a defiant mind than a willing one.