resettle / (riːˈsɛtəl) /


resettle 的定义

v. 动词 verb
  1. to settle or cause to settle in a new or different place

resettle 近义词


等同于 transplant


  1. Michele Ballarin, a Virginia socialite and businesswoman, has found herself at the center of the push to resettle those refugees.
  2. Others seem to resent Ping for having escaped China to resettle into a successful life in the United States.
  3. They say he will not attempt to resettle in the Vatican or anywhere else outside the United States to avoid criminal charges.
  4. The court ordered Boumediene released and finally, after six months of legal limbo, the French government agreed to resettle him.
  5. And they make room for thee, and bid thee welcome, and then resettle to their hushed pursuits as if nothing had happened!
  6. Trina shut her lips tightly, cleared her throat, and pretended to resettle a hair-pin at the back of her head.
  7. With what restlessness they take short flights and resettle.
  8. Audley mechanically resumed his former life,—sought to resettle his thoughts on the grand objects of ambitious men.
  9. As we approached a breeding colony the birds would fly up, hover about, and resettle when we drew back a sufficient distance.