penthouse / ˈpɛntˌhaʊs /


penthouse 的定义

n. 名词 noun

plural pent·hous·es [pent-hou-ziz]. /ˈpɛntˌhaʊ zɪz/.

  1. an apartment or dwelling on the roof of a building, usually set back from the outer walls.
  2. any specially designed apartment on an upper floor, especially the top floor, of a building.
  3. a structure on a roof for housing elevator machinery, a water tank, etc.
  4. Also called pent, pen·tice [pen-tis]. /ˈpɛn tɪs/. a shed with a sloping roof, or a sloping roof, projecting from a wall or the side of a building, as to shelter a door.
  5. any rooflike shelter or overhanging part.
  6. shed roof.
  7. Court Tennis. a corridor having a slanted roof and projecting from three walls of the court.

penthouse 近义词


等同于 aerie

penthouse 的近义词 1

等同于 lean-to

penthouse 的近义词 5

等同于 apartment


  1. Residents of Champlain Towers South were looking at a $15 million assessment to repair “major structural damage” flagged by engineers, with owners being asked to pay between roughly $80,000 for one-bedroom units to $336,000 for the penthouse.
  2. When part of the tower fell last week, much of the penthouse apartment went with it.
  3. Twice he rode the elevator to the penthouse level and walked through an unlocked door to the roof.
  4. Some of my best memories are practices with my fellow Muses in the penthouse of McCormick with the afternoon sun filtering in.
  5. In fact, he’s a record producer and label owner rich enough to own a cavernous penthouse whose rooftop pool offers a breathtaking skyline view.
  6. Then I was the December Penthouse Pet, which is a huge honor.
  7. He's starting to sound like a schoolboy with a copy of Penthouse.
  8. Loeb owns a $100 million penthouse on Central Park West and a $50 million yacht.
  9. I was literally on the 18th floor in a penthouse suite and I really thought about ending it.
  10. She flew first class, stayed in a luxury penthouse suite and was given money for shopping along with her pay.
  11. It appeared to consist of a living-room and a scullery, with a patch under the skeleton of a sort of penthouse at the back.
  12. Over the penthouse thus formed a piece of gauze is placed, and the cage is complete.
  13. The penthouse, in fact, represented the principal part of its attire, there was nothing else but a little red petticoat.
  14. In its middle there arose a penthouse, low and irregularly shaped like some organic outcropping of native rock.
  15. He lies buried—in my name—within the walls of Penthouse Prison.