electronic brain


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n. 名词 noun
  1. an electronic computer.

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electronic brain

等同于 computer

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  1. The sensors will then send electrical signals to the electronic brain—the Deep Nose network that will interpret what molecules have been detected.
  2. After the captain made the call to abandon ship, 150 people were able to escape on lifeboats lowered by electronic arms.
  3. Privacy advocates such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation say everyone should use it.
  4. We have to use common sense inclusiveness, because we are quickly getting to a place where our brain is falling out.
  5. My father has suffered two strokes and endured brain cancer since I was arrested and imprisoned.
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  7. All the operations of her brain related themselves somehow to to-morrow afternoon.
  8. Persistent glycosuria has been noted in brain injuries involving the floor of the fourth ventricle.
  9. His ear, his brain, his muscles take on a new joyous activity, and the tide of life rises higher.
  10. There was a vicious aching in his nerves, his muscles were flaccid and unstrung; a numbness was in his brain as well.
  11. The anger and rebellion had been comatose in these years of freedom, but the maturer brain was the more uneasy, at times appalled.