micro / ˈmaɪ kroʊ /


micro2 个定义

adj. 形容词 adjective
  1. extremely small.
  2. minute in scope or capability.
  3. of or relating to microcomputers.
  4. of or relating to microeconomics.
n. 名词 noun

plural mi·cros.

  1. anything extremely small in scope or capability.
  2. a microcomputer.
  3. microeconomics.

micro 近义词


等同于 computer


  1. Each sack makes around 700 standard cups of coffee, if you were wondering—so even micro-roasters go through a couple of them a week.
  2. The actual cortisol levels are between 0 and 1 micro-grams per deciliter.
  3. I think at the macro level and the micro level, we need to release ourselves from these devilish tools that tie us to very short-term-ist calculations.
  4. These tests showed the micro-barbs could successfully deliver medicines made from different sized molecules.
  5. After the learning experiment, the team scanned each bee with a micro-CT scanner.
  6. This sense of vulnerability is, of course, even more acute in micro-states like Jamaica.
  7. But as in the U.S. it also reflects the move from industrial-scale brewing to micro-brewings.
  8. There is certainly a lucrative yet dignified sweet spot between small time micro-brewer and soulless mass-producer.
  9. Even in the smallest of Indian locales, the divisions of geography and nationalism are played out on a micro scale.
  10. MacGregor convinced many to invest in, and hundreds to even move to, his fictional micro-nation.
  11. It is probably caused by two micro-organisms living in symbiosis—one a fusiform bacillus, the other a long spirillum (Fig. 124).
  12. Upon ulcerated surfaces it is often mingled with other spiral micro-organisms, which adds to the difficulty of its detection.
  13. He watched as Arnold conferred with a group of his techs about a micro-chron, and the time was carefully noted for Central Record.
  14. Albert selected all the incriminating letters and documents he could find and packed the micro-files in his jacket.
  15. Pathological micro-organisms have very complicated products which are in large part poisonous.