mainframe / ˈmeɪnˌfreɪm /


mainframe 的定义

n. 名词 noun


  1. a large computer, often the hub of a system serving many users.

mainframe 近义词


等同于 management


等同于 central processing unit

mainframe 的近义词 3

等同于 computer


等同于 data processor


  1. States also reported not having the mainframe capacity to perform cross-matches for the large volumes of claims they were getting.
  2. The clunky mainframe was “miraculously patched together, at considerable cost, to get us through the pandemic surge,” the state’s governor said in his December 2020 budget proposal, which sought to replace the system.
  3. This is how IBM’s CEO must have felt in the early ’80s, when the company decided to invest massively in smaller and less profitable PCs instead of just clinging to the immensely profitable mainframe computer business.
  4. The United Nations was prompted to impose a ban on selling mainframe computers or laptops to North Korea.
  5. With some maneuvering, he and Tron take over the MCP and kill Sark, proving they're the most badass guys in the mainframe.
  6. Just like he was lasered into the mainframe, Flynn is beamed out, with proof that Dillinger stole the videogames he invented.
  7. Since the poem was written, the darker side of personal and mainframe computers has given the poem a more sinister meaning.