venter / ˈvɛn tər /


venter 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. Anatomy, Zoology. the abdomen or belly.a bellylike cavity or concavity.a bellylike protuberance.
  2. Law. the womb, or a wife or mother, as a source of offspring.

venter 近义词


等同于 abdomen


等同于 belly


等同于 gut


  1. Craig Venter talks about his new book, where he argues that our genetic code is becoming interchangeable with digital codes.
  2. And in the venter, water cushions must be constructed to relieve the pressure of the air.
  3. They went to stay with their uncle, Piet Venter, for a few days just before we knew Aletta was coming back.
  4. In life the hatchlings had a dull dark green dorsum, pale bright green venter and stripes on head, and reddish brown iris.
  5. In life the dorsum was pinkish tan with 36 chocolate brown blotches on the body; the venter was rosy pink.
  6. The venter is cream-color with a row of brown spots forming a midventral stripe.