immoderate / ɪˈmɒd ər ɪt /


immoderate 的定义

adj. 形容词 adjective
  1. not moderate; exceeding just or reasonable limits; excessive; extreme.
  2. Obsolete. intemperate.
  3. Obsolete. without bounds.

immoderate 近义词

adj. 形容词 adjective

excessive, extreme


  1. Better institutionalize me a second time...” and “Academia is going to have to get used to a bit of immoderate tweeting.
  2. The so-called moderate opposition—made up of hundreds of disparate groups—is often immoderate and rarely cohesive.
  3. The new, immoderate Republican Party is therefore unlikely to succeed better in the near future than it has in the recent past.
  4. What have the immoderate Republicans of the Tea Party era accomplished?
  5. Every Indian election brings with it a kind of itinerant circus full of immoderate speech.
  6. Their naked feet ended in fleshless toes of immoderate length, like the bones of an ox-tail.
  7. I thought he would never have ended; and I felt nettled that my remark should have given rise to such immoderate mirth.
  8. Women shall not lacerate their faces, nor indulge in immoderate wailing for the dead.
  9. We have noticed the evil effects of immoderate bodily exertion on the heart.
  10. His temper causes him to form immoderate opinions and to make strong statements.