clasp / klæsp, klɑsp /


clasp3 个定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. a device, usually of metal, for fastening together two or more things or parts of the same thing: a clasp for paper money; a clasp on a necklace.
  2. a firm grasp or grip: a clasp of hands.
  3. a tight embrace: She held the child in a loving clasp.
  4. a small bar or metal design, as a star, for affixing to the ribbon of a military decoration to indicate that the bearer has been awarded the decoration an additional time.
v. 有主动词 verb

clasped or claspt [klaspt, klahspt]; /klæspt, klɑspt/; clasping.

  1. to fasten with or as with a clasp.
  2. to furnish with a clasp.
  3. to seize, grasp, or grip with the hand: She clasped the club in her hand.
  4. to hold in a tight embrace; hug: He clasped the child to him.
v. 无主动词 verb

clasped or claspt [klaspt, klahspt]; /klæspt, klɑspt/; clasping.

  1. to embrace or hug: The lovers clasped.

clasp 近义词

n. 名词 noun

fastener; hold on something

v. 动词 verb

grab tightly


  1. While binder-style clasps add weight and bulk to a planner, they allow you to rearrange pages to suit your needs and are often compatible with customized inserts, like templates designed for project management or specific productivity methods.
  2. The watch crown and clasp have engraved "M" logos, just like Mario's cap.
  3. Normally of good balance, I found myself reaching for the handrail, unable to clasp it for the refreshments in my hands.
  4. On the pink cotton inside lay a clasp of black onyx, on which was inlaid a curious symbol or letter in gold.
  5. That metal clasp has DNA attributed to Sollecito (in multiple tests), which should have sealed the conviction.
  6. When her bra was cut from her body, the assassin or assassins also cut off the tab on which the tiny metal clasp was affixed.
  7. The tiny metal clasp had traces of DNA attributed to Sollecito.
  8. She climbed the winding stairs that led to her mother's room, and she paused to clasp her beating heart with both her hands.
  9. Felix would be troubled and angry she knew, 138 even at this clasp of an old friends hand.
  10. And the two understood each other better by that silent, hearty hand-clasp than they could have done with any number of words.
  11. She glanced downwards with averted head, awaiting some outcry of gladness, surrendering herself to the quick clasp of strong arms.
  12. When she did wrong, she would kneel and clasp her hands, seeming earnestly to ask to be forgiven.