cherished / ˈtʃɛr ɪʃ /


cherished 的定义

v. 有主动词 verb
  1. to hold or treat as dear; feel love for: to cherish one's native land.
  2. to care for tenderly; nurture: to cherish a child.
  3. to cling fondly or inveterately to: to cherish a memory.

cherished 近义词

v. 动词 verb

care about deeply


  1. The Tabard is certainly as celebrated and cherished as those.
  2. “It is now more important than ever that we all come together and work hard to further the values and ideals that so many in this country cherish,” Lucas said.
  3. Cruelly, a pandemic that has taken more than half a million lives worldwide has disrupted cherished funeral and grieving rituals.
  4. Aficionados of this style don’t care for “abstract nonsense” and cherish the peculiarities of the concrete case, warts and all.
  5. I just think that we understand the nature of the Communist Party in that it is adversarial to the values and systems that we cherish.
  6. The story made it even clearer why the players cherished Lewis as much as they did.
  7. Not only did a cherished character get a bullet to the brain, but things are only going to get worse on The Walking Dead.
  8. Bartholdi cherished and valued the physical world, as he made quite clear in his letters and diaries.
  9. The unspoken controversy surrounding Hall lies in that he is challenging the status quo, which is cherished in Texas.
  10. Shaffer is a vital, cherished and cherishing grounding influence.
  11. He remembered something—the cherished pose of being a man plunged fathoms-deep in business.
  12. That title of Castile might become the cherished ideal in the Philippines if it were valued as I desire.
  13. Joachim, as time showed, never forgave the Emperor for the failure of his cherished plan.
  14. He laughed, with the fine air of one who sees approaching the fruition of long-cherished plans.
  15. Very soon after I settled in Dublin I was able to carry out a long cherished wish.