bhang / bæŋ /


bhang 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. an edible preparation of marijuana made by soaking and grinding the young leaves and stems of the Cannabis sativa plant to create a paste, usually mixed with milk or water in traditional Indian beverages, and known for its mild hallucinogenic effects.

bhang 近义词


等同于 marijuana


等同于 cannabis

bhang 的近义词 6

等同于 hemp


  1. There was a deal of rioting in the bazaars that night, and many a measure of bhang and toddy kept the fires burning.
  2. In India it is chiefly for the resin, "haschisch, churrus, bhang."
  3. Sometimes the leaves and stalks are dried in order to make the drug "bhang."
  4. On one occasion490 they secretly filled his pipe with hashish (Bhang).
  5. If I am in the habit of drinking Bhang, and a seller thereof sells it to me, am I to blame him or myself?