marijuana / ˌmær əˈwɑ nə /


marijuana 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. a psychoactive narcotic drug rendered from the leaves and flowering tops of a cannabis plant, especially Cannabis sativa, used for recreational or medical purposes by smoking, vaping, or ingesting: He’s tried marijuana but claims it has no effect on him.
  2. the dried leaves and flowering tops from which the drug is rendered: Her personal stash of marijuana is rarely more than an ounce or two.
  3. any plant of the genus Cannabis, especially C. sativa, whose leaves and flowering tops have psychoactive properties: several acres of cultivated marijuana.

marijuana 近义词

n. 名词 noun

grass, pot


  1. Regular marijuana use starting in the teen years harms mental health far more than physical health.
  2. Legal marijuana sales have gone up too, which may be good news when it comes to tax revenue for state coffers hit hard by pandemic spending.
  3. One obvious place to look for parallel insights into the legalization of sports gambling is the recent legalization or decriminalization of marijuana in many states.
  4. Some people argue that as marijuana is made more widely legal, that a firm like Pfizer will move in and dominate the medicinal market, while a firm like Anheuser-Busch might dominate the recreational market.
  5. The type of licensing and documentation a marijuana business requires depends on the location of the operation and the sort of marijuana business the owner plans.
  6. Tom Angell, founder of nonprofit Marijuana Majority, says the whole thing is a bit odd.
  7. Marijuana legalization activists have a secret weapon: moms.
  8. Can Congress Get Stoned Now That D.C. Has Legalized Marijuana?
  9. Marijuana possession would still be illegal on federal property.
  10. The trend is clear: Marijuana prohibition is coming to an end.
  11. Marijuana smoke contains more cancer-causing agents than tobacco.