withdrawnness / wɪðˈdrɔn, wɪθ- /


withdrawnness2 个定义

v. 动词 verb
  1. past participle of withdraw.
adj. 形容词 adjective
  1. removed from circulation, contact, competition, etc.
  2. shy; retiring; reticent.

withdrawnness 近义词


等同于 aloofness

withdrawnness 的近义词 4
withdrawnness 的反义词 1


  1. One study found that children of LGBTQ parents who attended schools without LGBTQ issues in the curriculum showed higher levels of withdrawn and aggressive behavior, along with more social problems.
  2. Over time, the media drive to make him a celebrity made him more and more withdrawn.
  3. But that stability can be withdrawn as easily as it was granted.
  4. By the start of 1996, du Pont had become almost completely withdrawn, staying inside his home for months at a time.
  5. The allegations of sexual assault came after a third of the recruits had already withdrawn from the training program.
  6. A state felony charge of assaulting an officer that was lodged against him a year after the incident was subsequently withdrawn.
  7. He had married a man, then impersonated him and withdrawn $250,000 from his bank account, leading to four years in prison.
  8. Wharton and Louis had withdrawn their hands at the same instant they caught his eye; and the Duke turned into the circle.
  9. That his friend had withdrawn, was a pledge of his pacific wishes; and, with a lightened countenance, Louis rose from his knee.
  10. Indeed it could hardly have seemed possible to him, that the Duke could have withdrawn himself through that aperture.
  11. If, after all efforts, no fluid is obtained, another test-meal should be given and withdrawn in forty-five minutes.
  12. The tube may become clogged with pieces of food, in which case it must be withdrawn, cleaned, and reintroduced.