size / saɪz /


size3 个定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. the spatial dimensions, proportions, magnitude, or bulk of anything: the size of a farm; the size of the fish you caught.
  2. considerable or great magnitude: to seek size rather than quality.
  3. one of a series of graduated measures for articles of manufacture or trade: children's sizes of shoes.
v. 有主动词 verb

sized, siz·ing.

  1. to separate or sort according to size.
  2. to make of a certain size.
  3. Metallurgy. to press to close tolerances.
  4. Obsolete. to regulate or control according to a fixed standard.
v. 动词组 verb
  1. size up, Informal. to form an estimate of; judge: They sized him up with a meet a certain standard: He doesn't size up to my expectations.

size 近义词

n. 名词 noun

extent or bulk of some dimension


  • size up
  • cut down (to size)
  • pick on (someone your own size)
  • take down a notch (to size)
  • that's about the size of it
  • try on (for size)


  1. What this lacks in size and storage capacity, it makes up for in portability.
  2. There are some other compromises that you’ll have to make for that small size, as well.
  3. Based on their value proposition and size, there can also be data analytics departments involved, web development teams, etc.
  4. Finally, for better visual stability, Google recommends using size attributes for images and videos and loading content from the top.
  5. To do that, we have to look at things like “effect sizes” of previous studies and translate them into pandemic-relevant metrics.
  6. Families stuff a life-size male doll with memories of the outgoing year and dress him in their clothing.
  7. In 2013, with a similar-size budget but more detainees, the cost worked out to about $2.7 million per detainee.
  8. Then make it clear that there will be no bailouts, not that there will be bailouts up to this or that size.
  9. The report detailed such techniques as "rectal rehydration" and the use of coffin-size confinement boxes.
  10. As I size up the scene, Jack White now wears the crown … and he wears it well.
  11. Truth is a torch, but one of enormous size; so that we slink past it in rather a blinking fashion for fear it should burn us.
  12. But just wishing never made anyone larger or taller, not even a pig, and Squinty stayed the same size.
  13. The great park which surrounded it was one of the most celebrated in all England, celebrated alike for its size and its beauty.
  14. All were of small size, and in good part devoted to spirited political discussion.
  15. A girl of forty-two weeks showed the same excitement at the sight of a life-size painting of a cat as at that of a real cat.