outpace / ˌaʊtˈpeɪs /


outpace 的定义

v. 有主动词 verb

out·paced, out·pac·ing.

  1. to surpass or exceed, as in speed, development, or performance: a company that has consistently outpaced the competition in sales.

outpace 近义词


等同于 outclass


等同于 outdistance


等同于 surpass


等同于 outmatch


等同于 distance


等同于 exceed


  1. Clinics throughout the state have prioritized vaccinations for teachers, although demand for shots far outpaces supply.
  2. With recent changes in digital buying behavior, the Schneider Electric team quickly recognized that overall search volume was outpacing their investment.
  3. The city’s needed funding for stormwater alone, that is, outpaces its unfunded need for all its roads, streetlights, sidewalks, parks and buildings combined.
  4. In Virginia’s Hampton Roads area, case rates hit an average of 83 infections for every 100,000 residents, outpacing the more populous counties in Northern Virginia that until then had driven the spread of the virus in the state.
  5. Some regression was expected after they outpaced expectations last season, but no one could have predicted that they would rank dead last in three-point percentage after more than 20 games.
  6. The assumption was that America would always be smart enough to outpace nature.
  7. Emmanuel offered them a raise that would slightly outpace inflation, which seems like kind of a good deal in this job market.
  8. The prices paid for health care continues to outpace the prices paid for everything else.
  9. With income inequality on the rise and an uncertain economic forecast, CEO compensation continues to outpace the stock market.
  10. But more likely, he joins but does not outpace the top tier.
  11. Each side endeavoured to outpace the other, with the object of surrounding the enemy's marching wing.
  12. The gray fox was a mile from his burrow, and knowing that the red fox could outpace him, decided to fight for his booty.
  13. This was the situation when we set out for Nancy, our big car running slowly, in order not to outpace the rickety Red Cross cab.
  14. Henri, interest aroused, made it a point to outpace his companion.
  15. He did not gain on me, it is true; but neither did I outpace him.