outdo / ˌaʊtˈdu /


outdo 的定义

v. 有主动词 verb

out·did, out·done, out·do·ing.

  1. to surpass in execution or performance: The cook outdid himself last night.

outdo 近义词

v. 动词 verb

better, overcome


  1. Not to be outdone, the Indianapolis Colts also came away with an overtime win, against the Green Bay Packers, to stay atop the division.
  2. Unsurprisingly, the networks that had dedicated pathways after the input layer outdid the networks that fully shared pathways.
  3. Even by its standards, Tampa Bay has outdone itself in this postseason.
  4. As previously reported, these zero-click searches account for just shy of 55% of all Google search results, outdoing organic results altogether.
  5. Analyze their link profile using tools like Ahrefs and try outdoing them with backlinks on those ones.
  6. The reporter noted that they have now grown back—so perhaps she had not managed to outdo Dillinger, after all.
  7. Instead, the perception was that they would attempt to outdo each other in the public eye.
  8. So how did he outdo himself once again without even running for office?
  9. Since 1920, the Republicans have not managed to outdo the Democrats among Jewish voters.
  10. All of us tried a little harder just because I think we wanted to outdo one another.
  11. The proofs you have given so far are but solemn pledges to outdo all your contemporaries.
  12. There was hardly a face among that gang of wild riders which did not outdo the face of Texas Smith in degraded ferocity.
  13. It seemed here as if the genius of fire had striven to outdo the grotesque extravagances of the genii of the waters.
  14. They rather try to outdo those with whom they are at war, in bitterness of passion and severity of vengeance.
  15. Further, Leslie had promised them a dinner at Barettis that should outdo anything she had given that year.