hammy / ˈhæm i /


hammy 的定义

adj. 形容词 adjective

ham·mi·er, ham·mi·est.

  1. resembling ham in taste, flavor, appearance, etc.

hammy 近义词


等同于 melodramatic


等同于 theatrical


等同于 la-di-da


等同于 affected


等同于 exaggerated


  1. A lot of the other things that I play are way more hammy or comedic roles.
  2. I turn to one of the boys in wheelchairs, who rewards me with a giant, hammy smile.
  3. A bemused line reading sneaks in when you are anticipating a hammy hard sell.
  4. Clinton punctuated her hammy gesture with a deep, throaty chuckle.
  5. And Anthony Hopkins as Noah's hammy 969-year-old grandpa, Methuselah, who was apparently an incorrigible berry addict.
  6. Then Hammy's tummy is a mutinous soldier, and must be taught to obey the Word of Command.
  7. I had rather sit under Hammy and hear about Noah, with Berta on the other knee.
  8. The buyers much dislike any foreign smell, any mouldy, hammy, or cheesy odour.
  9. The Hammy boy is particularly anxious to have his love sent to "Misr Creedy."
  10. Hammy, in manly fashion, offered a hand—the left—the right arm being occupied with the box of toys.