flurry / ˈflɜr i, ˈflʌr i /


flurry3 个定义

n. 名词 noun

plural flur·ries.

  1. a light, brief shower of snow.
  2. sudden commotion, excitement, or confusion; nervous hurry: There was a flurry of activity before the guests arrived.
  3. Stock Exchange. a brief rise or fall in prices.a brief, unusually heavy period of trading.
  4. a sudden gust of wind.
v. 有主动词 verb

flur·ried, flur·ry·ing.

  1. to put into a flurry; confuse; fluster.
v. 无主动词 verb

flur·ried, flur·ry·ing.

  1. to fall or be blown in a flurry.
  2. to move in an excited or agitated manner.

flurry 近义词

n. 名词 noun

commotion, burst

v. 动词 verb

agitate, confuse


  1. That said, some spotty light snow showers or flurries are possible anywhere in the region during the day Friday, but accumulating, steady snow is not expected.
  2. Spotty light snow or flurries are still possible in the immediate area, but accumulations are unlikely.
  3. After the Civil War, there was a brief flurry of school-building in the South through the Freedmen’s Bureau with the aim of quickly educating almost 4 million formerly enslaved people.
  4. Traditional animal agriculture has pushed back against plant-based meat, claiming common nomenclature was confusing to consumers, which has resulted in a flurry of state legislative activity and litigation around labeling.
  5. Thanks to Voytek’s algorithm and other methods, a flurry of studies published in the last few years have run with the idea that aperiodic activity contain hidden treasures that may advance the study of aging, sleep, childhood development and more.
  6. “I have full faith that this will happen,” Williams says, prepping her fairy dust for a flurry of happy thoughts.
  7. Another flurry of pro-ACA Instagram posts from Hollywood actors?
  8. He crumpled to the ground under a flurry of fists and boots, and as he recalls, no one around him tried to stop the attack.
  9. A flurry of emails continued over the weekend, culminating in what they claimed were $2 million in new donations.
  10. Thus began a flurry of back-and-forth emails between director and subject.
  11. And this was all they said to each other—until they had gone through the flurry of the station and found their compartment.
  12. She seemed to be overcome by quite a little flurry of passion, and her manner irritated me.
  13. A dorsal fin cut the surface close by, there was a little flurry, and the pirate disappeared.
  14. But armed as he was, severe and flash-tempered as he seemed, Mackenzie was not in any sort of a flurry to give ground before him.
  15. There was a short, sharp flurry, but Vincente knew every trick of the game and speedily brought the gallant fish on board.