fat / fæt /


fat3 个定义

adj. 形容词 adjective

fat·ter, fat·test.

  1. having too much flabby tissue; corpulent; obese: a fat person.
  2. plump; well-fed: a good, fat chicken.
  3. consisting of or containing fat; greasy; oily: fat gravy; fat meat.
n. 名词 noun
  1. any of several white or yellowish greasy substances, forming the chief part of adipose tissue of animals and also occurring in plants, that when pure are colorless, odorless, and tasteless and are either solid or liquid esters of glycerol with fatty acids; fats are insoluble in water or cold alcohol but soluble in ether, chloroform, or benzene: used in the manufacture of soap, paints, and other protective coatings and in cooking.
  2. animal tissue containing much of this substance; loose flesh; flabbiness: to have rolls of fat around one's waist.
  3. the richest or best part of anything.
v. 无主动词 verb

fat·ted, fat·ting.

  1. to make or become fat.

fat 近义词

adj. 形容词 adjective


adj. 形容词 adjective

containing an oily substance

adj. 形容词 adjective

productive, rich

n. 名词 noun

overweight, adipose tissue


  • fat cat
  • fat chance
  • fat city
  • fate worse than death, a
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  • fat of the land, the
  • chew the fat
  • kill the fatted calf


  1. In place of “tomato-soup mystery cake” was “reduced-fat chocolate mousse cake.”
  2. That means you may feel sluggish after eating it, as fats tend to sit heavier in the stomach and digest slower than carbs and protein.
  3. As Rachel lets her mother’s messages go unanswered, she craves forbidden food, the kind with salt and fat and sugar.
  4. Big, fat fluffy flakes that fall from the sky and pile up in freezing mounds.
  5. In the wintertime, fat-tire bikes are allowed at select parks, including on ungroomed trails within Acadia National Park.
  6. “One of the big misconceptions is that eating fat makes you fat, because it has more calories,” Asprey says.
  7. Roll the pork over the stuffing, like a jelly roll, until the seam is facing down and the fat back is on top.
  8. Lay the butterflied pork loin on the cutting board with the fat cap facing down.
  9. He wasn't crazy about being fat, but he saw his body as a tool to use in the making of his career.
  10. About our Eric Garners—too fat, too scared, too noncompliant, too many kids—there are always, as Flagg knows well, excuses.
  11. Give a sweet savour, and a memorial of fine flour, and make a fat offering, and then give place to the physician.
  12. Then a fat, untidy old man appeared in the doorway of a cubicle within the shop, and Edwin Clayhanger blushed.
  13. He wished her mother had not been quite such an appalling person, fat and painted.
  14. It was a spring day, and the fat buds of the chestnuts were bursting into magnificent green plumes.
  15. He controlled himself betimes, bethinking him that, after all, there might be some reason in what this fat fellow said.