bullpen / (ˈbʊlˌpɛn) /


bullpen 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. Baseball. a place where relief pitchers warm up during a game.the relief pitchers on a team.
  2. Informal. a large cell or room, usually next to the courtroom, where prisoners are temporarily held.a large room in an office occupied by many employees.
  3. any temporary or crowded quarters, as sleeping quarters in a lumber camp.
  4. a pen for a bull or bulls.

bullpen 近义词


等同于 jail


等同于 relief pitcher


等同于 pokey


等同于 house


  1. To Palmer, the coincidence of his bullpen exile and his return to form was galling.
  2. You know, he does the same thing in Dallas Buyers Club in the bullpen!
  3. Eventually it got to be too much and NBC had to go to the bullpen.
  4. Senators manager Bucky Harris signaled to the bullpen to send in a right-hander named Paul Hopkins.
  5. When Strauss-Kahn crossed that bridge, he was delivered to Intake—or, as we inmates call it, “the bullpen.”
  6. When in the "bullpen" Schrank's fellow prisoners shrank away from him.