breach / britʃ /


breach3 个定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. the act or a result of breaking; break or rupture.
  2. an infraction or violation, as of a law, trust, faith, or promise.
  3. a gap made in a wall, fortification, line of soldiers, etc.; rift; fissure.
v. 有主动词 verb
  1. to make a breach or opening in.
  2. to break or act contrary to.
v. 无主动词 verb
  1. to leap partly or completely out of the water, head first, and land on the back or belly with a resounding splash.

breach 近义词

n. 名词 noun


n. 名词 noun

violation of a law

n. 名词 noun

change from friendly to unfriendly relationship


  1. Yet if a developer offers people alternate payment options outside the App Store—or even points people to alternatives, however obliquely—they could find themselves in breach of Apple’s “terms of service.”
  2. Europe could fill the breach, but has its own squabbles, allowing China’s nakedly transactional diplomacy and Russia’s chaos-sowing what-aboutism to advance.
  3. OpenAI’s striking lack of openness seems to us to be a serious breach of scientific ethics, and a distortion of the goals of the associated nonprofit.
  4. The Cybersecurity Law had purposely left the regulation of personal data protection vague, but consumer data breaches and theft had reached unbearable levels.
  5. A similarly risky US advance purchase deal with Paris-based Sanofi—risky because no vaccine is guaranteed to work—created a diplomatic breach with France.
  6. This breach is an extraordinary emotional drag on the exhausted population.
  7. The FBI and the President may claim that the Hermit Kingdom is to blame for the most high-profile network breach in forever.
  8. Good old Sir Bob Geldof stepping into the breach again to raise money for crisis-hit Africa?
  9. As mentioned, Yahoo has a black stain on its collaboration and severe breach of privacy.
  10. But while progressive attempts to address the class divide have been less than successful, can the Republicans fill the breach?
  11. After an eight weeks' siege, a breach having been made, the city surrendered, and a month later the fort followed the example.
  12. While secretly countenancing every attack on the Marshal, the Emperor, for family reasons, was loth to come to an open breach.
  13. This decision meant a complete reversal of Swedish foreign policy and a breach with France.
  14. They had reached the foot of the breach, when the fire of the town suddenly ceased.
  15. The place must be battered until a breach was made, and stormed à la Turque.