ant bear


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n. 名词 noun

ant bear 近义词

ant bear

等同于 aardvark

ant bear 的近义词 3

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  1. “If Charleston harbor needs improvement, let the commerce of Charleston bear the burden,” he said.
  2. He said,  “I am breaking my heart over this story, and cannot bear to finish it.”
  3. Once again he accused the West of being unfair to Russia, bringing back his favorite metaphor, the Russian bear.
  4. Maybe our dear bear should sit quietly, not chase piglets and just eat berries and honey.
  5. Putin suggested that all the West wanted was to turn the Russian bear into “taxidermy.”
  6. Many British Ferns evidence a marked tendency to “sport,” and this is a fact which the beginner should always bear in mind.
  7. The bear laughed and joined his companion, and the torpedo thundered away.
  8. This may be done by taking the humming tone and bringing to bear upon it a strong pressure of energy.
  9. The left heel followed like lightning, and the right paw also slipped, letting the bear again fall heavily on the ice below.
  10. The bear watched him narrowly with its wicked little eyes, though it did not see fit to cease its paw-licking.