acknowledgment / ækˈnɒl ɪdʒ mənt /


acknowledgment 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. an act of acknowledging.
  2. recognition of the existence or truth of something: the acknowledgment of a sovereign power.
  3. an expression of appreciation.
  4. a thing done or given in appreciation or gratitude.
  5. Law. a declaration before an official that one has executed a particular legal official certificate of a formal acknowledging.public recognition by a man of an illegitimate child as his own.

acknowledgment 近义词

n. 名词 noun

act of recognizing authority or truth of something

n. 名词 noun

physical symbol of recognition


  1. Getaway founder and CEO Jon Staff said that starts with an acknowledgment that while work matters, it can’t be the core of a person’s identity.
  2. The renewed effort, backed by the airlines, is an acknowledgment that a recovery the industry had hoped would come this spring isn’t likely to happen.
  3. If you do not wish to send a replacement, a kindly inquiry about how he is feeling — and an acknowledgment that you will remember his condition for future gift-giving — will be sufficient.
  4. A seeming acknowledgment of this country’s current troubles launches the second act.
  5. My mother, of course, bristles at any acknowledgment of the occasion.
  6. The acknowledgment of these crimes, which came as part of an amnesty for them, was a cathartic moment for El Salvador.
  7. All Cumming wanted to hear his father say was an acknowledgment of what he had thought all those years was wrong.
  8. It was good information on who, what, and where and there was an acknowledgment of this at the highest levels.
  9. He would never deign me with any sort of acknowledgment, because I was too low on the totem pole.
  10. She wanted more from him, some acknowledgment of feeling, but he gave her nothing.
  11. Perry's arms fell gracefully to his side and he inclined his head and half closed his eyes in acknowledgment.
  12. Let this be your acknowledgment of past favours—the fulfilment of your sacred promise.
  13. The embassy for Japan—with a gift, which shall not seem an acknowledgment—you say, could not be sent off last year, which is well.
  14. In some states the requirements are strict in respect to the disinterestedness of the official who takes the acknowledgment.
  15. A defective acknowledgment by a married woman is worthless, nor will any court compel her to make another one.