stockyard / ˈstɒkˌyɑrd /


stockyard 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. an enclosure with pens, sheds, etc., connected with a slaughterhouse, railroad, market, etc., for the temporary housing of cattle, sheep, swine, or horses.
  2. a yard for livestock.

stockyard 近义词


等同于 slaughterhouse

stockyard 的近义词 3


  1. The opening of western grazing lands and the great stockyard complexes of the midwest had made beef the relatively cheap meat.
  2. They rode on past a stockyard, and into a rutted street of bare frame houses, and Hetty was glad they scarcely met anybody.
  3. We had a steak dinner and the meat in the stockyard district was totally different from anything in the East.
  4. Jim has just gone across to the stockyard, but he will be back to breakfast in a moment.
  5. The bull was led onto the weighing platform and after being weighed, was put in one of the enclosures of the stockyard.
  6. When there was an unusually large amount of stock to be sold, part of it was kept at the stockyard and driven over as required.