abattoir / ˈæb əˌtwɑr, ˌæb əˈtwɑr /


abattoir 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. a slaughterhouse.

abattoir 近义词


等同于 slaughterhouse

abattoir 的近义词 3


  1. Germany’s largest pork plant was shuttered for a month this summer after more than 1,000 workers tested positive for Covid-19, and additional abattoirs also faced temporary closures from outbreaks.
  2. Such an abattoir would never be permitted to continue in the United States, or indeed the developed (and white) world.
  3. A few weeks later the monks laid siege to a Muslim-owned abattoir in Colombo to halt the slaughter of cattle.
  4. The abattoir was being used as a distribution plant for the meat of cattle slaughtered outside the city.
  5. A view down into the wild, Art Deco abattoir now called the 1933 Center in Shanghai.
  6. And there is the master of our largest and goriest abattoir.
  7. It was only a scratch and he had been knocked down like a beef in an abattoir by an unseen enemy, on whom he could not lay hands!
  8. Have you ever seen a herd of cattle being driven to abattoir on a fine May morning?
  9. Ay—and the abattoir is far, though its perfume is nigh; it is thrice a hundred yards from hence.
  10. Probably it would be hung up in some abattoir, where oxen are driven in at one end, and tinned meat taken out at the other.