shit / ʃɪt /


shit5 个定义

n. 名词 noun

Slang: Vulgar.

  1. excrement; feces: Ugh, I stepped in dog shit.
  2. an act of defecating; evacuation: He's taking a shit.
  3. the shits. diarrhea.
v. 无主动词 verb

shit or shat [shat], /ʃæt/, shit·ting.Slang: Vulgar.

  1. to defecate.
v. 有主动词 verb

shit or shat, shit·ting.Slang: Vulgar.

  1. to exaggerate or lie to: Are you shitting me? I shit you not!
interj. 感叹词 interjection

Slang: Vulgar.

  1. : Oh, shit, we’re screwed.
v. 动词组 verb

Slang: Vulgar.

  1. shit on, to disparage or dismiss: Try contributing something, instead of just shitting on everyone else’s ideas.

shit 近义词

n. 名词 noun



  1. You come look at Chollas Creek after a heavy rain, you may see all kinds of toxic shit, tires, who knows what, just floating through.
  2. Gravity is real, and no matter how many times you shout stonks in the mirror, crying, while clutching your smartphone, it’s hard to keep a bag of shit in the air forever.
  3. “That’s some real gangster shit right there,” enthused Jake.
  4. “These dudes came in on a bunch of brute, brute shit … like they were looking for trouble,” said Dennis Prewitt, the man taken down by Habib and the officers with him.
  5. You mentioned you still talk to some of your former colleagues who are in Congress and that some of them really believe this shit.
  6. Funny or Die News also features Vox-style “explainers,” including “The Middle East—Why Shit So Fucked Up?”
  7. I was like, ‘Shit, try being in a two-piece where the other person doesn’t talk!
  8. Her most popular video, the aforementioned “Shit White Girls Say… to Black Girls,” was viewed 10.4 million times.
  9. He went on to found the gang FSU, which stands for Friends Stand United (it originally stood for Fuck Shit Up).
  10. In the morning, Ramesh came back, was told by a constable about Xerox, and said, "Shit, it wasn't a dream, then."
  11. Shit, why not send me a letter asking me if I mind receiving an email?
  12. “Shit,” he said, and began to sort through the alerts while his back and neck muscles tightened.
  13. Then, five minutes later, “Shit, I forgot that this one has a different mo-bo than the others.”
  14. He took the title of Shit-su and founded what is known as the Yuen dynasty.