evacuation / ɪˌvæk yuˈeɪ ʃən /


evacuation 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. the act or process of evacuating, or the condition of being evacuated; discharge or expulsion, as of contents.
  2. Physiology. discharge, as of waste matter through the excretory passages, especially from the bowels.
  3. something evacuated or discharged.
  4. the removal of persons or things from an endangered area.
  5. clearance by removal of troops, equipment, etc.
  6. the withdrawal or removal of troops, civilians, etc.

evacuation 近义词

n. 名词 noun


evacuation 的近义词 5
n. 名词 noun


evacuation 的近义词 5
evacuation 的反义词 3


  1. Stoughton says that what he sees as inconsistency in officers’ decisions to retreat or not, as well as the lack of an evacuation plan and the clear delay in securing backup, point to notable mistakes.
  2. This could include a standard trip insurance policy, a pricier “cancel for any reason” policy, or a medical evacuation membership such as that provided by Medjet.
  3. As politicians and their staffs were told to evacuate or shelter in place, one photo of a congressional computer left unlocked still with an evacuation notice on the screen spread quickly around the internet.
  4. In some states, officials have ordered closures and evacuations in the face of armed demonstrators.
  5. A local Arizona coronavirus model now predicts a new viral surge will be “a major forest fire without an evacuation order” unless the state mandates masking.
  6. According to Reuters, Salia's evacuation occurred "at the request of his wife," a statement which has yet to be confirmed.
  7. In secret conclave, the Embassy discussed its evacuation plans.
  8. Levin can at least diagnose the problem and recognize that this leads to an evacuation of traditional politics.
  9. And lo and behold, the medic who stayed behind in Tripoli saved one American life during the evacuation, according to the report.
  10. He managed to get on an evacuation flight organized by the U.S. government.
  11. I perceive no immediate reason for the evacuation of Peking as far as the supply of game is concerned.
  12. After the evacuation of the conquered territories the Marshal was appointed to command the Army of Germany.
  13. But we must have a complete scheme of evacuation by land and sea, not two badly jointed schemes.
  14. On the evacuation of the Spaniards the unrestrained petty chiefs were like lions released from captivity.
  15. It is because of this evil spirit that we have ourselves evoked that some now clamour for the complete evacuation of Mesopotamia.