restricted / rɪˈstrɪk tɪd /


restricted 的定义

adj. 形容词 adjective
  1. confined; limited.
  2. bearing the classification restricted, usually the lowest level of classified to persons authorized to use information, documents, etc., so classified.Compare classification.
  3. limited to or admitting only members of a particular group or class: a restricted neighborhood; a restricted hotel.

restricted 近义词

adj. 形容词 adjective



  1. The Telegraph has beefed up its measurement capabilities to prove that its ads work, which — the publisher said — has been especially helpful during the last six months of restricted budgets and market volatility.
  2. It’s also why it’s important to do such work at a restricted site, and why any research or subsequent full-scale efforts would need to follow the clear rules and processes for working with these materials.
  3. Across western Europe this week, authorities have cracked down on nightlife, restricted gatherings and tightened rules on mask-wearing in public spaces.
  4. That marketing value coming out of the demand generation for restricted inventory reverberates into the brand’s mainline products, creating a halo effect for the whole company.
  5. Roving medical workers made house calls to test people with restricted movement and visited construction sites to test migrant workers.
  6. And actually I can think of a hell of a great way to kill Orcs but I am always restricted by PG-13, unfortunately.
  7. Under the terms of probation, Ai is restricted from participating in any form of interviews.
  8. This [Boko Haram] problem is restricted to three out of 36 states in the country.
  9. In France, for example, abortion is available in the first trimester but heavily restricted after.
  10. In the 19th century, when mountaineering was developing as a sport, the playing field was highly restricted.
  11. Cotton exchanges reopened on November 16, and stock exchanges opened for restricted trading shortly thereafter.
  12. Each has the same rights, and each is equally restricted in exercising them by the corresponding rights of the other.
  13. Of the other substances, iodine is restricted exclusively to sea-plants, but to them it appears to be essential.
  14. Unless restricted by his principal, or by contrary usage, he may sell goods on a reasonable term of credit.
  15. If he is restricted to cash sales only, or is not protected by usage in selling on credit, he cannot do so.