purlieu / ˈpɜr lu, ˈpɜrl yu /


purlieu 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. purlieus, environs or neighborhood.
  2. a place where one may range at large; confines or bounds.
  3. a person's haunt or resort.
  4. an outlying district or region, as of a town or city.
  5. a piece of land on the edge of a forest, originally land that, after having been included in a royal forest, was restored to private ownership, though still subject, in some respects, to the operation of the forest laws.

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  1. The forest laws still applied in a modified manner to the purlieu.
  2. Eye of mocker has not seen, nor foot of unbeliever trod this purlieu, the last to receive his blessing.
  3. It is, in fact, a purlieu where the public-houses are overcrowded and the baths not places of great resort.
  4. They evidently deemed that a legal purlieu was a better place for 'pickings.'
  5. This favourite purlieu of London has larger books than mine devoted to its history.