pang / pæŋ /


pang 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. a sudden feeling of mental or emotional distress or longing: a pang of remorse; a pang of desire.
  2. a sudden, brief, sharp pain or physical sensation; spasm: hunger pangs.

pang 近义词

n. 名词 noun

ache, twinge


  1. Watching the Olympics this year amid endless, compounding climate disasters has given me pangs of that pandemic-at-Disney-World feeling.
  2. When I left my assistant role with the Director and finally went out into the field to execute the Bureau’s marching orders, I felt pangs of conscience.
  3. Ma’s fate sent pangs of anxiety through the tech ecosystem—as well as some relief.
  4. The moment was sweet, but a pang of vulnerability rose in my chest.
  5. Much of quarantine was plagued with pangs of anxiety for people across the globe.
  6. Winick and Ling still miss Zamora with a “sharp pang of grief.”
  7. If Barack Obama—or any of his other senior aides—felt a pang about the departure of Axe and Gibbs, they did not show it.
  8. I felt a pang of shame—it was time to take my sons to Africa.
  9. As he moved into view, he must have felt a pang of anxiety, even fear.
  10. It is impossible to watch the 'fillers' at work without feeling a pang of envy for their toughness.
  11. A pang, a bitterness that lasted for a day or for a year—and the gap would be filled again by some one else.
  12. The first true pang of grief shot through Ethel like a dart, stabbing and taking away her breath, "Where are they?"
  13. "She may be hurt internally," spoke up Matt, feeling a pang of pity as he looked at the pale little face.
  14. It was either for them to suffer one sharp pang now, or to endure a greater dragging misery.
  15. Somehow it gave Lawrence a little pang to hear this, then he cast the thought out as unworthy.