overthrow / verb ˌoʊ vərˈθroʊ; noun ˈoʊ vərˌθroʊ /


overthrow3 个定义

v. 有主动词 verb

o·ver·threw, o·ver·thrown, o·ver·throw·ing.

  1. to depose, as from a position of power; overcome, defeat, or vanquish: to overthrow a tyrant.
  2. to put an end to by force, as a government or institution.
  3. to throw or knock down; overturn; topple: The heavy winds overthrew numerous telephone poles and trees.
v. 无主动词 verb

o·ver·threw, o·ver·thrown, o·ver·throw·ing.

  1. to throw too far: If I hadn't overthrown, it would have been a sure putout.
n. 名词 noun
  1. the act of overthrowing; state or condition of being overthrown.
  2. deposition from power.
  3. defeat; destruction; ruin.

overthrow 近义词

v. 动词 verb

defeat, destroy


  1. Lebanese Hizbullah, for example, is fully aligned with the Islamic Republic’s vision, accepting of its absolute authority over the Shia world, and dedicated to the overthrow of its enemies in the West and in Israel.
  2. Because they are now recognized as a party that has emboldened the overthrow of our constitutional government.
  3. It’s because revolution means “an overthrow or complete replacement of an established system.”
  4. Seditious language is typically understood as speech advocating the overthrow of the government, and 54 different SDPD officers handed out at least 82 tickets for it since 2013.
  5. Generally, seditious language is language advocating for the overthrow of the government.
  6. Why would the CIA work to overthrow the Ukrainian government?
  7. Raila Odinga dismissed Kenyatta's claims that he is trying to overthrow the government.
  8. Rocket teamed up with the Incredible Hulk to overthrow Judson Jakes, a devious mole.
  9. So where do we go with all of this screen money, and is it really likely to overthrow our economic infrastructures anytime soon?
  10. They approved the catastrophic overthrow for which we are still paying a high and clear price every day.
  11. Distances were to him as nothing; and difficulties only stimulated him to give his adversaries a more signal overthrow.
  12. Siyes desired a man who would overthrow the Directory and establish a dictatorship: Barras was coquetting with the Bourbons.
  13. Scarcely a year passed in which his name was not connected with some conspiracy to overthrow the First Consul.
  14. When one enemy of his kingdom appears, vows should be made to resist and overthrow his influence.
  15. As for his killing you in cold blood, that thought comes from your excitement of the moment and your chagrin at your overthrow.