nonplussed / nɒnˈplʌst /


nonplussed 的定义

adj. 形容词 adjective
  1. completely puzzled or perplexed by something unexpected: She blows a hole in the wall and escapes, and the nonplussed aliens are left wondering what happened.
  2. Nonstandard. not dismayed; indifferent or unexcited; calm: I hadn’t yet told my girlfriend I was leaving—I didn't want to risk being crushed by a nonplussed response to the news.

nonplussed 近义词

v. 动词 verb

confuse, perplex


  1. Then he's quiet, while I, nonplussed, just stare until he adds, “The camera must never move.”
  2. Nonplussed, he thought for a moment, smiled, and meekly confessed, “Nothing I guess—just boxing and my family.”
  3. Pinder, 29, appears to be nonplussed, telling the website, “The shoot is meant to be fun and very tongue-in-cheek.”
  4. It was a Christmas present from my girlfriend, and when I unwrapped it, I was a little nonplussed.
  5. Attaullha, the TTP fighter, is similarly nonplussed by the lack of response to the raid.
  6. This defiant answer nonplussed the rebels, who had private interests to consider.
  7. Nonplussed, Matt came to a halt and waited for Clip to come up with him, wheeling his crippled one-cylinder.
  8. I confess I was quite nonplussed for the moment as to how best to commence the attack upon this unexpected visitor.
  9. The club coteries paused, the literary log-rollers were nonplussed, and Thackeray sat reading instead of writing.
  10. The barkeeper was nonplussed, and asked what a tin-roof cocktail was.