incorrigible / ɪnˈkɔr ɪ dʒə bəl, -ˈkɒr- /


incorrigible2 个定义

adj. 形容词 adjective
  1. not corrigible; bad beyond correction or reform: incorrigible behavior; an incorrigible liar.
  2. impervious to constraints or punishment; willful; unruly; uncontrollable: an incorrigible child; incorrigible hair.
  3. firmly fixed; not easily changed: an incorrigible habit.
  4. not easily swayed or influenced: an incorrigible optimist.
n. 名词 noun
  1. a person who is incorrigible.

incorrigible 近义词

adj. 形容词 adjective

bad, hopeless


  1. They began to mistreat us and consider us incorrigible when they realized that this tactic was not working.
  2. More than 4,000 feet above sea level, it had been earmarked for incorrigibles—those British officers deemed most likely to escape.
  3. Over the years Branson, always an incorrigible self-promoter, has appeared in a series of tailored space-suits to showcase the Galactic concept.
  4. But there were also many times when either Palmer or Weaver could have written the other off as an incorrigible pain in the ass.
  5. And Anthony Hopkins as Noah's hammy 969-year-old grandpa, Methuselah, who was apparently an incorrigible berry addict.
  6. “I gotta tell you, you guys in the press are incorrigible,” the president said.
  7. Despite his nebbishy demeanor, the Senate majority leader is an incorrigible junkyard dog.
  8. No one wins when the political field is populated exclusively by the incorrigible right and the bemused left.
  9. We are trying to digest the riffraff of the world, and can't do it, in spite of such incorrigible optimists as Judge Leslie.
  10. On the subject of Malassis, I will tell you that I marvel at his courage, at his activity, and his incorrigible gaiety.
  11. He revolted against it, as a thing more provoking, more incorrigible than mere womanhood.
  12. He was master, he said, of the lives and property of these incorrigible rebels, and he would do with them as he pleased.
  13. Even on his father the incorrigible lad seems on more than one occasion to have tried his little game.